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29 May, 2013

20130529 outside 2frame

– Today’s View from the window, inside Hubrite Office, Seoul, Korea. –



This is A.J.

It is rainy and cloudy here.

How about you?

Is the weather good?


One day we’ll have our own building with full of dreams and fantasy.

Until then, we must think hard, work hard and play hard! ^___^

Hubrite Crew Members

I will introduce my friends, Hubrite crew members.

We are founders of Hubrite Inc.

Crew skitch

– Picture of us, on the way of Camino de Santiago in Spain, 19 April 2013 –


Jimin Jeong / CEO

  • POSTECH / Electrical Engineering(B.A.)
  • Founder & CTO / AHOPE Inc.
  • Business Analyst – Public Sector / SK C&C Inc.

Byeongjoo Kim / Chief Software Architect

  • POSTECH / Electrical Engineering(B.A.)
  • Team Manager / AHOPE Inc.

A. J. Lee / Strategy & Planning Team Manager

  • Ewha Woman’s University / Physics(M.A.)