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Determine Airplane In-Out #2


THE ESSENCE OF IBIZA, isabella antonelli

For a month,

UK – Spain (including Ibiza Island) –
Italy – Switzerland – Czech Republic –

I want to go this way, what should I do?

Above is today’s ‘Route Hack’ story.

In front of ‘Plane in-out, how do you decide?‘ I will talk about another in / out today.

By the way, this is not ‘city’ but ‘country’! Why should we talk about the city, ‘The country is too big! Please put in the city ~ ‘ Please refer to. You have to tell the city / region.

Let’s go to a city where people travel a lot.

■ In / out, where is the candidate airport?

Most of the IN / OUT will be made at major airports in each country. In Korea, it is common to use ICN at Incheon International Airport. It is possible to depart / arrive at Gimhae International Airport PUS or Jeju International Airport CJU, but it is natural to leave Incheon International Airport because the number of flights departing / arriving from Incheon International Airport is overwhelming.

The main (hub) airports of the countries mentioned above are:

UK – London Heathrow LHR (or London Gatwick LGW, whatever London)
Spain – Madrid MAD (or Barcelona BCN)
Italy – Rome FCO
Czech Republic – Prague PRG
Switzerland – Zurich ZRH
Croatia – Zagreb ZAG

LHR, LGW, FCO, … This is the IATA code, which is a simple way to mark the airports around the world. You can get used to seeing a lot.

By the way, London, Madrid and Rome are more ‘overwhelming‘ than other places in the above cities. Perhaps it will be proportional to the national power of the country. If there are many flights, the competition will be relatively competitive, and the price is often cheaper. So if your travel route or moving order is not a special place, you might want to set it as an in-out place.

In this case, Swiss Zurich ZRH and Prague PRG are good in in-out city, but when compared to Paris CDG / London LHR / Rome FCO / Frankfurt FRA, if there is not much difference in total distance, it is often reasonable to choose one among them.

■ Let’s change the airport, HUB airport

Once you enter the city you want to go to in ‘Arrangy‘. (See here for how to enter a city)

And since London / Rome / Madrid is the main hub airport for this journey in front of you, let’s make the best route for each case by changing the airport.

● London IN / Madrid OUT

London LHR in/Madrid MAD out, click the map and check directly

In conclusion, London IN / Madrid OUT is the most efficient in this case. If you order by London / Madrid out, you will get:

London (4 nights) – (fly) – Prague (3) – Zagreb (2) – (fly) – Dubrovnik (3) – (fly) – Venice (3) – Florence (3) – Rome (3) (1) – Lucerne (1) – Interlaken (3) – Zermatt (2) – (fly from basel or geneva) – Barcelona / Ibiza (5) – (fly) – Madrid / Toledo / Segovia

● Madrid IN / Rome OUT

Madrid MAD in/Rome FCO out, click the map and check directly

Madrid IN / Rome OUT (7,079 Km) may also be less efficient than London IN / Madrid OUT (6,951 Km), but it is a very good route. However, London IN / Madrid OUT seems to be better because you have to go to and from London. (And the travel distance is shorter.)

● London IN / Rome OUT

London LHR in/Rome FCO out, click the map and check directly

London IN / Rome OUT (7,238 Km) is longer than London IN / Madrid OUT (6,951 Km), Madrid IN / Rome OUT (7,079 Km), but still good enough.

● London IN / Dubrovnik OUT

London LHR in/Bari BRI out, click the map and check directly

Would not it be better than major airports? I thought London IN / Dubrovnik OUT with this thought. But we have to move longer than we have seen before. More importantly, Dubrovnik in or out is more likely to be more expensive because airline tickets are more restrictive than major airports. (Expensive, not efficient !!!!)

■ So where should I go in / out?

As we have seen above, in this case

1, London In / Madrid OUT (6,951 Km, 76 h)
2. Madrid Inn / Rome OUT (7,7079 Km, 77 h)
3. London / Rome OUT (7,238 Km, 79 h)

In order to be efficient. (Or inverted)

However, there is not much difference in movement efficiency in each case so that you can choose what you want. And because we chose it at major airports in Europe, there are plenty of tickets. So you can choose the cheapest ticket in each case.

※ By the way, difficult in-out, can you just find it ???

Optimal IN / OUT, click to find it ~ (MAD / LHR, Best!)

Optimal IN / OUT, click to find it ~ (FCO / LHR, +3 % more moving)

If you find the best IN / OUT, you can book your ticket ~ (click)

Although you can try each one by hand while reading the above article, we have improved the service so that the computer finds the best IN / OUT.

Simply enter the city and press the [IN / OUT] button to find the best IN / OUT around the main airport. Just select the right one and the travel sequence for each city is automatically adjusted.

Of course, you can also book tickets. IN / OUT It’s not difficult! 🙂

If you click on the picture above, you can experience it yourself ~

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