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World-Wide COVID-19 Map!

한국어가 편하세요?


We opened Worldwide Coronavirus Map – Map the route paths of coronavirus confirmed cases. (https://corona.arrangy.com)

Last week, we opened the routes paths Map of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea. 

Now, we expand the coverage to 22+ countries. 

– Singapore
– South Korea
– Germany
– Vietnam
– Australia
– United States
– France
– United Kingdom
– Canada
– United Arab Emirates
– India
– Italy
– Philippines
– Russia
– Spain
– Belgium
– Cambodia
– Egypt
– Finland
– Nepal
– Sri Lanka
– Sweden

Keep updating with new confirmed cases.

Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not disappeared, which is a lot of concern.

Serving “Start of the Trip – Arrangy
Have experience with how to effectively show information on the map (maps, spots, traffic lines, etc.)
We hope this kind of technology and experiences is helpful to this situation.


If you have already been confirmed,
I hope you are discharged well.

Those who are self-contained,
And if you’re worried about an infection,

I hope things get better without any trouble.

Arrangy Team