When can confirmed patients be discharged? (Covid19, Singapore & South Korean cases comparison)

한국어가 편하세요?

Many things have changed in a month with Covid19.

Coronaviruses do not have a clear vaccine, but unless they are high-risk, they are a disease that is not high in mortality.
However, as of March 2, 4212 cumulative confirmations occurred in Korea, and to date, 31 persons have been discharged (unisolated) after confirmation.

Over 4,000 confirmed patients are still being treated
To treat these people, too many people are suffering,

If so, “Corona 19”
How long does it take to get cleared and discharged after I have been confirmed?

■ Why should you compare to Singapore?

In South Korea, 30 patients were discharged (unisolated) after confirmation by March 1, 2020,

Of these, 28 cases are known for both confirmation and discharge dates.

If you can compare with other countries in more cases, you will be able to tell more objective stories.

Of course, mainland China may be the richest source of data, but finding objective data is not easy.

So, as a result, except in mainland China, there is a lot of cases and the country where detailed data is available is “Singapore”. As we learned from the survey, not all countries provided detailed data on corona infections (like South Korea and Singapore).

(As of March 1, 2020, confirmation 106 people, discharge of 74 people, (As of March 1, 2020, confirmation 106 people, discharge of 74 people,In the early days, the case came from China.
Later, local clusters such as “Life Church and Mission Singapore / Grace Assembly of God”, “Yong Thai Hang”, and “Seletar Aerospace Hights” were identified, which is very similar to the situation in Korea.)

So to gauge the duration of “Corona 19” treatment,
We decided to look at the cases of “Singapore (confirmed 106 people / discharged 74)” and “Korea (4212 confirmed / 28 discharged)”.

If you are curious about the condition of the Corona virus in Singapore, please refer to the link below.

■ Korea (15.1d in 28 cases), Singapore (11.8d on 74 cases)

Covid19, Average duration of treatment (South Korea, Singapore, from confirmation to discharge)

Singapore 74 people, average day of treatment: 11.8 days
28 people in Korea, Overall Treatment Days: 15.1 days

This is a graph of 74 people in Singapore and 28 people in Korea who have all the “treatment period (discharge date – confirmed date)” and averaged by age group. (As of March 1, 2020, discharged after being confirmed and cured)

In the case of the Republic of Korea, the treatment period (death date – confirmation date) was also marked for death patients.

  • Singapore, no deaths

■ Age distribution of treatment period

Covid19, Duration of Treatment (Singapore, Discharged, After Confirmation, by Age)
Covid19, Duration of Treatment (South Korea, Discharged, After Confirmation, by Age)

“So, after 15 days can you all be discharged?” In order to avoid falling into the mean trap, we have created a distribution graph for the “treatment period”.

In the case of “Singapore” (74 discharges, as of March 1, 2020),

Although the treatment period varies from 3 days (5 people) to 27 days or more (1 person),

“90%” of “discharged patients” are discharged within 21 days after confirmation and treatment.

South Korea, 82% of “discharged patients” were discharged within 21 days after being confirmed and treated (as of March 1)

■ Will discharge increase this week?

In the Republic of Korea, where the corona virus faltered,
The number of confirmed patients started to increase significantly on February 18, 2020.
It will be 3 weeks from this week (March 2, 2020). (14 days have passed)

Even if there are clinical cases so far,
Because each patient’s condition is different,
Unforeseen or unforeseeable,

Among those confirmed after “February 18,”
Healthy people,
Can you overcome the virus and get discharged?

Let’s watch while we support discharge from this week.

From this week, I hope many people can be discharged.

Many people who are dealing with the corona virus also support.

■ The real-time statistics mentioned above can be viewed below.

Corona Arrangy, https://corona.arrangy.com

■ What if I include the first symptom onset?

The graph above mentioned only the “confirmation date ~ the departure date”, but refer to the graph below considering the “first symptom onset date”.

Covid19, Duration of Treatment (Singapore, Discharged, from first symptom to discharge, by Age)
Covid19, Duration of treatment (South Korea, Discharged, from first symptom to discharge, by Age)

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